NBA New Years Resolutions

We all know that tonight everyone will be making New Years resolutions that will be disregarded almost as much as the fact that the Dallas Mavericks started this season 0-3. Some NBA teams and players need to make resolutions and since they wont, I'll make some for them.

First off lets start with my Knicks. Yup, you guessed it, their resolution is defense. Supposedly the addition of Tyson Chandler was to solidify the middle and "anchor the defense." (I do not have a name of someone who said that but, lets be honest, someone said that.) However, currently the Knicks are 21st in points allowed. An improvement from last year. That seems good, however they could not have possibly gotten worse than last year. Not only the interior defense, but also at the point guard position. This Knicks team gave up 31 to Rajon Rondo and 22 to Monta Ellis. Knicks fans will cry, "but that's before our two best guards get back from injury." And then they remember that those two guards are Mike Bibby and Baron Davis who don't play any defense either.

Russel Westbrook: There has been way too much talk about Westbrook taking shots away from Durant. All Westbrook needs is to not have an 0 for shooting night again. His team needs him to take shots and score points. As long as Westbrook is a shooting threat he and his team will be successful. Currently he is shooting 33.3% from the field and just 14.3% from 3 point range. That cannot continue over the course of this season.

Orlando Magic: TRADE DWIGHT HOWARD. The longer they wait the less they will get for him. They cannot keep him for the season and get nothing in return. To LA for Bynum and pieces or wait until Lopez is healthy in NJ. They need something for him. Without getting anything, next year they will be a team based around Jameer Nelson and Hedo. That will be a team good enough to almost make the playoffs but will ultimately be picking in the lottery.

New Jersey Nets: This one is connected with the Orlando Magic resolution. They need to make a trade for Dwight Howard. You're kidding yourself if you think Deron Williams is staying to play with Brooke Lopez, Marshon Brooks, and an ex-husband of Kim Kardashian. No disrespect to other players on the Nets, but looking at the roster, there is no one else even worth mentioning in a conversation about basketball. (And the only real reason I mentioned Kris Humphries is so I could throw in my first Kim Kardashian shout out. Hopefully there will be many more in the new year.)

Those are the NBA New Years Resolutions. It would be in the best interest of these NBA teams/players to do what I say. We'll see if they listen to me. Have a happy and safe New Years.

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