Getting A Little 'Cole' In Miami?

Norris Cole was the surprise of the night in the NBA scoring 20 points in just the rookies second game. Cole led the Heat in the fourth quarter to beat the Celtics after blowing a 20 point plus lead. He made 3 big time shots towards the end of the game and seemed to be the main threat when the Celtics went to a zone in the fourth quarter. During the first half the Heat were doing what they do best: running the fast break. Scoring 69 points in the first half alone, the game seemed to be heading towards an easy win for the heat. When the Celtics went to their zone, that's when things started going bad for the heat. Not many teams in the NBA have the defensive personnel to keep up with LeBron and Wade in man to man defense. In the fourth quarter Lebron seemed to turn into what Skip Bayless calls, "the frozen one." While Lebron did shoot well from the field (9-14) and had 26 points, he has yet to even attempt a 3-point shot this (while still young) season. Other teams may see this weakness in the Heat and start playing more zone against them. Even up to half the game as Tim Legler suggested today on Sportscenter. Another side story to the night that belonged to Norris Cole is what is going to happen with Mario Chalmers. I have been a fan of Mario Chalmers since he won the NCAA tournament. He has proven he can hit the big shot, but it is hard to be a starting point guard taking one shot in 19 minutes of play. Cole on the other hand shot 8-16 in 29 minutes. This may mean that Chalmers could find himself sitting on the bench a lot more this season then he thought.

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